Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to flash nokia c2-03 with a data cable

How to flash Nokia c2-03

What you need - Phoenix test and service software for Nokia phones
                                Internet connection
                                USB cable for your phone

Before flashing process you need to backup your phone content. Because phone internal memory will format during the flash process

1)      First of all you need download and install Phoenix test and service software for nokia phones
 You can download it from here or here

2)      Remove sim and memory card form the phone.  Switch on the phone

3)      Close nokia pc suite (if you install it)

4)      Start the software. You can see window like this              

5)      Now connect your phone to computer using USB cable
Make sure select to USB mode to Nokia Ovi suite

6)      Select connection > USB x -RM-702

7)      File > scan for product

After that window will appear like this

8)      Tools > data package download

9)      Click check availability

After that click download

Wait until finish the download

Finally click close

Now you are ready to flash your phone

10)   Flashing > Firmware update

11)   Click Refurbish

After  5-10 minutes you can see a massage like this

That means you successfully did flash.
Your phone now ready to use.


  1. showing that firedownload error when downloading data package download

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  4. there is no download the package option in the tools menu... What should I do???


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  8. why data package download not found ?

  9. hey is closing nokia pc suite necessary

  10. i cant flsh my phone its not detecting

  11. Help!!!!

    "when i press Refurbish its showing error... No Data-package selected (Product Code is Empty). Select first desired Product Code and then try again"

  12. "when i press Refurbish its showing error... No Data-package selected (Product Code is Empty). Select first desired Product Code and then try again"

  13. success but keep white screen lcd, please hel for solution?

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  18. does pheonix work with dead phone?cause i cant see data package download wihout choosing pcsuit.....

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